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On Monday, an elderly woman at a Blackhawks game collapsed and died.  Not the sort of thing that makes an interesting story until you realize that her mother died in the same fashion two decades earlier.

While watching her favorite team, the Blackhawks, play at the United Center on Monday, Marguerite Kuhlman collapsed and later died.

Patricia and Dorothea Kuhlman said that even more peculiar than the death of their sister, 68, at the hockey game is the fact that their mother died under similar circumstances nearly 22 years ago. Mildred Kuhlman died March 30, 1986, while attending a Blackhawks game at Chicago Stadium, Patricia Kuhlman said.

At first I thought this was a pretty cool story, but on second thought it’s just a boring coincidence.  They’re old ladies.  They die.  That’s what they do.  It’s not like mother and daughter were both killed in freak zamboni accidents.  THAT would have been cool.  This is like figuring out two relatives both had heart attacks… while taking out the garbage! Dun dun DUNNNN!

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