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Famous bulbous-throated geek god George Lucas is already partially responsible for one atrocity this summer (I don't care if he didn't direct Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Paid-off Movie Reviewers, the aliens and the American Graffiti-influenced shit is all him), so it's of no surprise that another creation of his, his daughter Amanda, should take part in an MMA event in New Zealand in order to fug up the joint. 

Amanda, who featured in three of her father's Star Wars blockbusters, slipped unnoticed into New Zealand last Sunday with a US all-female fight team.

Footage of the bout should end up on a reality TV show planned around the formation of a women's international fight league.

Current affairs show 20/20 also covered the event.

Amanda was a hip-hop teacher in San Francisco but had years of martial arts training including kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian ju-jitsu, Belinda said.

A what teacher? "Hey, urban youth, feeling like channeling your disaffection into a catchy but violent rap ditty? Can't quite get the right amount of anger and disgust into your rhymes? Take a look at this face! Oh, then watch this footage of Jar Jar Binks. He's totally a poorly veiled swipe at black people. Funny, huh?"

Seriously, though, if she had the chin of her dad, she'd never lose a fight. George looks like he has a few excess gallons of bodily fluid hanging in that thing. It's almost as indestructible as Kimbo Slice's head.

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