Sh*t Tim Tebow Says (Plus Morning Links)

01.13.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

In yesterday’s morning links I posted a “Hitler reacts to the Broncos beating the Steelers” video and joked

Somebody make “Sh*t Tim Tebow Says”!

Well thanks, Internet, I guess. It even features him talking about Chuck Norris. I’m gonna go lie down. Via Mentality Magazine.

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‘Sh*t Nobody Says’ And Providing Closure For A Played Out Meme – Closure, or an opening for someone to make a Sh*t Kate Upton Says that is nothing but here going LOL I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN TAKING PICTURES and sends it to me. [UPROXX]

Kate Upton Did Something Fun With Kids – Speaking of America’s Best Girl, here’s a picture of Kate putting her lips on a trophy. Not pictured: me collapsing and writhing around on the floor. [With Leather]

10 Television Series that Outstayed their Welcome – This is a pretty definitive list, if only for that last season of Roseanne. Scrubs outstayed its welcome the second time Zach Braff scrunched his face up and looked up and to the left to show us he’s “remembering”. [Warming Glow]

crazy-quiltHustle Blood: Big Boi’s 20 Best Guest Appearances – My favorite Big Boi appearance is on the Coors Light ads by the escalators in Tower City Mall you had to look at when you parked there to go to Indians games. [Smoking Section]

Stephen Colbert May Join The Race For The Republican Presidential Nomination – I’d vote for him, not because he’s funny, but because he could legitimately do a better job than most of these whack-jobs. [UPROXX]

DROP EVERYTHING! The new Bill Murray/Wes Anderson has a trailer. – YESSSSSSS. Wes Anderson is like crack to me, I don’t care if everything he does is “the same”. It isn’t, and he rules. [Film Drunk]

Repeat After Me: “I Will Not Take Tax Advice From Trina Or Any Rapper” – Once I tried to make a Sprite can disappear in my mouth. I thought she was just telling me to drink a lot of Sprite. [Smoking Section]

The Five Comics of the New 52 You Must Be Reading – The worst part of trying to make comic book jokes is that you can’t make up a fake premise like “a gritty reimagining of Crazy Quilt!” or “a five part mini-series revealing the origin of Paste Pot Pete” because somebody who writes comics has actually already done it thinking it would be funny/ironic/awesome. Somebody let me write comics, for Christ’s sakes. [Gamma Squad]

The 10 Boldest Comedians Of Our Time – Dat Phan! He does his Grandma’s voice! She’s Asian! [Buzzfeed]

12 Stars Who Got Their Start on ‘One Life to Live’ – I don’t want to fully out myself here, but All My Children or GTFO. [The FW]

Side-by-Side Comparison of Average-Sized Woman with a Supermodel Will Blow Out Your Mindhole – I appreciate this, but suggesting that any sized woman is “average sized” is pretty condescending. I’m sure the naturally skinny girl reading this feels great about being abnormal. [Pajiba]

Epic Surf Video: Biggest Teahupoo Ever, Shot On the Phantom Camera In Stunning HD – I can’t get any more sales-pitchy than that headline, so go watch this. At one point he wipes out because of a mystical tiki. [Brobible]

A Gallery of Comic-Con in 1980 – Now THIS is awesome. This is what you should be doing with your time, Internet, finding and sharing sh*t like this. [Unreality]

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