Shocking Exposé: The Extremes Some Animals Will Go To For Weight Loss

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02.08.13 6 Comments

Providing further evidence that the U.S. has become a country full of people obsessed with glamour and fame while embracing laziness and apathy, the team at Today recently told us the story of one brave American who is finally fighting back. Holly is a 13-year old cat whose owner refers to as a “couch potato”, which is why it comes as no surprise that she has grown to a disgusting weight of 18-pounds.

Now, though, as her doctors have told her that she must lose at least six pounds to save her life, Holly has adopted a new weight loss routine thanks to the fine people at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Dulles, Virginia. It is at this very resort that Holly, with only a life jacket and a hunger to live, has begun swimming daily in a pool that is sometimes filled with ferocious dogs.

Bravery indeed has a new name today, and it is Holly.

Holly’s owner and Olde Towne employee Dani Lawhorne was trying to figure out a way to get her obese kitty some activity when she gave the pool a try.

“It was more an experiment than anything,” Ruiz-McPherson said. “(Lawhorne) saw that the cat didn’t get too upset when she gave it baths, so she thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I placed her in the pool?'”

All it takes is an idea. The rest is up to the individual. In this case, that individual is just a really, really fat cat.

Embellishment and false hero worship aside, I just hope that the behavior and effort of a cat like Holly could one day lead to my dream of opening a Crossfit gym for dogs. So far it’s not working out too well.

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