05.21.07 11 years ago 7 Comments

Cincinnati Bengals suspended wide receiver Chris Henry… blah blah blah… failed a drug test… going to jail for 88 days.

Kenton County (Kentucky) Attorney Garry Edmondson said that Henry tested positive for opiates [on a court-ordered drug test] and he will be forced to serve jail time… Henry is on probation in Florida. It's unclear whether the reported drug test results will force him to serve jail time there.

You just don't expect this sort of thing, not from a Bengal.  And certainly not Chris Henry.  With the exception of the four times he's been arrested since December 2005 and that time he puked out of a window when teammate Odell Thurman got a DUI, he's barely been in the news.

Personally, I blame Roger Goodell.  His lassitude and refusal to discipline players has turned the NFL into a league of thugs.  Awesome thugs who run really fast and catch footballs and crash into each in brutal collisions during weekly gladiator-like battles every September through February.  Man I can't wait 'til the season starts.

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