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The head of a Japanese ad agency is being sued by the firm's former creative director because — are you sitting down? — the Japanese businessman in charge of the firm is an alleged pervert.  Oh, I know, I couldn't believe it, either, but the suit includes allegations that the CEO secretly snapped shots Maria Sharapova's snapper while she posed for some Canon ads back in 2005.

Toyo Shigeta, chief executive officer of Dentsu Holdings, used a telephoto lens to satisfy a perverse obsession with photographing women's private parts, according to a suit filed by the firm's fired former creative director, Steve Biegel. "Taking closeup crotch shots of women is a personal obsession of defendant Shigeta," Biegel says in the discrimination suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court. […]

Biegel said Shigeta… had a habit of snapping shots of women's private areas when they weren't looking. On a 2004 business trip to Brazil… Shigeta photographed scantily clad bathing beauties at the beach when they bent over.

Oh, so a harmless hobby is a "perverse obsession" now?  And I suppose clubbing women in the head with a lead pipe and keeping them in your basement is "assault with a deadly weapon" and "false imprisonment," too?  I swear, the Puritanical bullshit in American culture is really suffocating for open-minded sex gods like me and Toyo.

[Biegel] said he was also forced to go to a bathhouse and a Prague brothel, where he said Shigeta urged the married Biegel to have sex with a prostitute.

"Wah wah wah, taking pictures of Brazilian girls in bikinis is wrong!  I don't want to have sex with a Czech prostitute!"  What a fucking lameass.  No wonder he got fired.

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