Shocking Update: NBA Star Feels Pressured, Unappreciated

03.16.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Carmelo Anthony says “they” don’t want him to be successful as a member of the New York Knicks, and doesn’t stop to say whether he’s talking about the Denver Nuggets or the actual city of Denver.

In an interview with New York Post columnist Marc Berman, Melo expounds.

“I really think they kind of don’t want me to have success in New York, the way I look at it. … I try not to think about that. I’ve been in Denver [seven and a half] years. For me to move on was a hard thing to do. This is a business and I’ve cut my ties there.”

This whole thing started when he was traded, and both Anthony and Nuggets coach George Karl devolved into whimpering children.  Melo didn’t mention Denver or the Nuggets in his first press conference, and kept going on and on about how New York was great and his home and how he was destined to be there.  Karl wouldn’t stop taking time outs just so he could find a television camera and mention how happy he was that Carmelo was gone, and how much better the Nuggets were playing without him.  One thing lead to another, and now the car has been turned around and nobody can have nice things.

No matter which side you’re on, I think everyone in the comments area of the Internet can agree that professional sports players are babies who were raised in thuggish barns.  Don’t blame Carmelo, Internet, you don’t like Colorado much either.

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