Show Up At My Door With K-Swiss And No Pants And I’ll Make You A Star

08.05.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

The best and worst thing about working from my mother’s basement home in your pajamas is the occasional visitor. Yesterday, that was Savannah, who dropped off a pair of the new K-Swiss Tubes, as seen in that crazy Kenny Powers video earlier this week. You’ll notice that Savanna is not wearing pants, and honestly, that’s the only way to bring anything to my door. Oh, and the shoes are great, too. Big ups to Savannah for pulling that off; she probably laughs every time she sees a sign that reads “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

Anyway, to recap: Bring me free stuff. Don’t wear pants. This isn’t rocket surgery, people. Here’s our original post of the Kenny Powers video from Monday. The world would be a better place if more ads had the word “bukkake” in them.

  • Is Tarvaris Jackson ready to assume command of the Vikings offense? Spoiler alert: No.

    Rumors & Rants.

  • Seriously, we could have condoms in the news every day if we wanted to do that. They’re like the Derek Jeter of birth control.


  • This is for the nerds: potential TV crossovers in the sci-fi genre.

    TV Squad.

  • Ugh, is there really going to be another Twilight? Here are three batty book proposals ripe for excessive fandom.


  • Reason No. 593 why I’ll never buy a Mac.

    College Humor.

  • Which athlete best embodies the ethos of Washington, DC? Take a guess. Or don’t.

    SB Nation DC., @JapersRink

  • Chan Ho Park was just plucked off waivers by the Pirates, who are still driving around in that old Pontiac that my dad gave them seven years ago.

    River Ave. Blues.

  • Bizarre story about a housing situation in North Carolina.

    WBTV, via @kokomodianne

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