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Since this will be the last chance we get to use this image for a while, here it is.

In what was probably the most anti-climactic Game 7 in some time, the Pittsburgh Penguins pimp-slapped the Washington Capitals in the culmination of their Eastern Conference semifinal, 6-2. The Pens scored two goals within eight seconds in the first period and the Caps never threatened after that. Sid Crosby finished with two goals; Alex Ovechkin had one late in the second period. The game was an odd culmination to a dramatic series that had a lot of people forcing hockey down the throats of their readership. Not that I could name anyone that did that off the top of my head…

“This was Magic and Bird from back in the day,” Penguins wing Bill Guerin said. “It was just a great series for the League and a great series for the game of hockey. I don’t know if I’ve been involved in a series with as many ups and downs as this one. I’ll never forget this one.”

Two more Game 7s are on the slate for tonight, including Carolina at Boston and Anaheim at Detroit. Those games have no marquee superstars, so we really don’t care.

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