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I'm merely a fan of the NBA, not an expert, so I can't really offer any discerning acumen into the deal that sent Allen Iverson to Denver. However, since it's my job to surf the Internet, the least I cando is compile the most insightful and entertaining commentary from around the web:

• The Fanhouse assembled blogging all-stars MJD, Bethlehem Shoals, The Big Lead, and Marcel Mutoni for an 8-part roundtable that covers everything from the Nuggs' chemistry to the Sixers' new outlook to A.I.'s legacy to poor Kevin Garnett's situation. A quality read if you have the time. 

• Meanwhile, Shoals waxes philosophical on the Nuggets' newfound "must-watchitude." It's the most I've enjoyed a FreeDarko post since the Competitive Style Guide

The Basketball Jones podcast is full of answers on the Answer. And also full of Canadian accents. But they know what they're talking aboot.

The Daily Dime has got all your ESPNish opinions, if you're into that sort of thing. 

• Last but certainly not least, The 700 Level pays tribute to all the good memories A.I. gave Philly. Poor, poor Philly. Good luck getting Oden.

(And thanks to CelticsBlog for the image. It's markedly better than the shoddy Photoshop on's homepage this morning.)

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