These Cricket Fans Won The Day With Their Cromulent 'Simpsons' Signs

I don’t know the first thing about cricket, so judging by the official Twitter feed of the MCG in Melbourne, Australia and this recap of the Boxing Day Ashes Test action between Australia and England, a lot of Aussies are extremely happy right now. But none of the people in that world record-setting crowd matter more than the two geniuses who brought these Simpsons-themed signs to the match, because they’re so delightfully random and wonderful. One sign reads, “Dental Plan” and the other reads, “Lisa Needs Braces,” and I shouldn’t need to explain why they’re a million times better than any sign that any of us has ever brought to a sporting event in our lives.

In case you want to turn the volume up and drive someone insane…

(Banner via @Hawkins_Kevin, second image via Reddit)