Even Siri Has No Chill When It Comes To Making Fun Of The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are the easiest of easy targets in the NFL — and, really, sports in general. Resident Uproxx Browns fan Martin Rickman can tell you all about that. Just when you think the Browns can’t possibly out-Browns themselves, by golly, they find a way to do it. For example: multiple NFL sources recently told Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman that Johnny Manziel was the second-worst NFL draft pick ever behind Ryan Leaf.

That almost takes talent, but if nothing else, such futility deserves a certain amount of admiration. Or more punchlines, as the case may be.

How bad is it? Even Siri, the iPhone’s well-known digital help desk, has no chill when it comes to pulling the football out from underneath the Browns. Dan Labbe of explained:

Thanks to the magic (and creepiness) of location services, simply being in Cleveland and saying “sadness” to Siri brings up directions to FirstEnergy Stadium. You can also ask Siri where the Factory of Sadness is and get the same result.

Here’s a screengrab of exactly what Siri shows you when, if in the greater Cleveland area, you utter the word “sadness”:

Ouch. Right at FirstEnergy Stadium. Now if only Siri could list off all the quarterbacks Cleveland has gone through over the years.