11.09.07 10 years ago 106 Comments

The U.S. Marine Corps's birthday is tomorrow.  I'm celebrating it today, and if you ask me, it's pretty nice of me to share it with all you dirty drug-using long-haired hippie Communist fags.  In order to understand the solemn holiness of this remarkable day, you'd have to pack Easter, Ramadan, and Rosh Hashanah into a single ceremony that honors generation upon generation of Fucking Badasses who gave their hearts and souls to living Spartan lives solely so they could kick ass in the name of America.

In honor of said holiday, I'm taking the morning off.  In the meantime, you can enjoy this recruiting video, which shows some footage of my old tank platoon in Iraq (OORAH!), and also features some motivational words and soulful expressions from my old company commander (from :50 to :35).  He just finished a full year in Iraq, which was either his third or fourth tour.  It's hard to keep track any more.

Happy birthday Marines, and Semper Fidelis.  I'll be back with sports news early in the afternoon, East Coast time. 

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