SIU Head Coach Barry Hinson Loses His Mind Talking Mama’s Boys, Puppies & SEAL Team 6 In Postgame Presser

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12.18.13 7 Comments
(via Getty Image)

(via Getty Image)

My wife! MY WIFE!

Here’s Southern Illinois basketball head coach Barry Hinson going full I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS during Tuesday’s post game presser. SIU lost to the Murray State Racers 73-65 and fell 2-8 on the season, prompting an amazing rant that features dick jokes, multiple comparisons to Hinson’s wife and an explanation of how you “house train a puppy dog.” Oh, and at one point he explains that tactical assassination is the reason his team had so many turnovers.

“There was a sniper in the gym. Didn’t you see that? We had guys falling down. We had a guy snipered at half-court. Two guys snipered at half-court. It was unbelievable. I would’ve thought Navy Seal Team 6 was out there.”

The Salukis have been compromised to a permanent end. Check it out:

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