09.24.08 9 years ago 13 Comments

Worter Torriente-Vele, a former Cuban wrestling champion, was arrested in Oregon after police were alerted to a drunken and belligerent man who wouldn’t leave a Plaid Pantry convenience store.  Six officers and four tasers later

[Sergeant Michael] LeDuc said the 28-year-old Vancouver man started fighting with the two officers. One of them shot Torriente-Vele with a taser but it had no affect [sic].During the struggle, a third officer showed up and tried to help the other two contain Torriente-Vele.

Three more officers responded to the call. LeDuc said even after being tased three more times Torriente-Vele would not stay down.  After three minutes of struggling, the six officers were finally able to get some handcuffs on the five-foot-nine Torriente-Vele.

I don’t want to tell the police how to do their job, but I really think the arrest would have been easier if they hit him in the face some more.


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