Because It's Friday: Here Is A Collection Of Skateboarding Animals

Okay, so there’s plenty happening in sports news today:

  • Jay Cutler is terrible against the Packers and he looked like a dick shoving one of his teammates even though every quarterback does it.
  • The Dallas Cowboys are trying to sign Tony Romo to an extension so he doesn’t leave after this season and end his career being killed behind the Arizona Cardinals offensive line.
  • Hockey is going to have a lockout, which sucks for fans, but it sucks even more for us because I had an interview all set with Paul Bissonnette, and now I may never know what he thinks about Bibi Jones retiring from porn.
  • Jim Calhoun retired, which sucks for people who either love UConn basketball or pretending like they’re shocked that a 70-year old would retire.
  • A group in Seattle has been cleared for a new arena so they’re shopping for a NBA team. *looks nervously at Rich DeVos*
  • Derek Jeter tied Willie Mays for 10th on the all-time hits list. Also, Minka Kelly is still hot.

And all of those are good stories to talk about, but I don’t feel well today, and I have a full day of college football tomorrow, as well as a full plate on Sunday, so I’m just trying to relax a little and go with something easy and therapeutic. Of course, nothing says easy and therapeutic like animals riding skateboards.
After the jump, I’ve gathered some videos of skateboarding animals, because it’s Friday and you don’t have anything else better to do. Sure, you can go perform surgery, but if you’re a doctor and you read this site, you’ve probably already had your medical license revoked.