This Skateboarding Dog Is The Best Animal Ever, Even If His Name Isn’t ‘Ollie’

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On Monday night, the Giants beat the Brewers 11-5 at AT&T Park. BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE THERE WAS A SKATEBOARDING DOG AT THE GAME. *50 siren emojis*

This very good doggie, who is somehow 10 times better at skateboarding than I am, is far from the first animal to try out extreme sports, but dare I say he may very well be the best one. The very chill dog managed to glide on the sidewalk with ease for several seconds and he even pushed the board back to his owner when he was done. Dogs are the best.

Of course, what would the internet in 2016 be good for if someone didn’t turn the skateboarding dog into a Vine of him as a character on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater set to “Superman” by Goldfinger? Vine via SB Nation.


Put that dog in the X-Games. Heck, put him in the Olympics.

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