Watch This Skiing Champion Narrowly Avoid Being Crushed By A Drone

12.22.15 3 years ago

The focus of world class athletes is insane. Take, for instance, four-time reigning World Cup overall skiing champion Marcel Hirscher, who was busy slaloming his way to a second place finish at a World Cup event in Italy when a drone nearly crushed him.

Watch how Hirscher’s reaction was basically no reaction, as he simply finished his run and claimed the lead at the event. Eventually he would state the obvious to The AP by saying, “this is horrible. This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury.”

The drone was carrying a TV camera for the crew broadcasting the event and crashed just behind the Austrian World Champion — not that he seemed to notice. The average person at least gives a glimpse back with body language full of “WTF?” The more radical person probably reacts somewhere between “OMG, the machines are fighting back,” and “Man, eff this I’m out of here” at minimum.

Hirscher wasn’t hurt in the incident, though it was noted that he may have been struck by debris. All in all, he seems to be in pretty good spirits about the whole thing, considering what could have happened if the drone would have crashed a split second earlier.

Heavy air traffic in Italy 😳 #crazy #drone #crash #luckyme

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