Skillet vs. Gus Johnson: ‘Here Comes The Pain’

03.30.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

We say this a lot, but this time I truly mean it. If you don’t like this video mashup after the jump featuring Skillet the bulldog [who made his UPROXX debut on FilmDrunk last week] and soundbites from CBS play-by-play screamer Gus Johnson [via this immaculate creation], we can’t be friends. At all. Ever. In fact, if you don’t enjoy the hell out of this video, you may as well just quit reading this site altogether. Because I haven’t felt as good about anything as I have about this. And that’s after watching this Chatroulette spoof earlier in the day. Trust me, it’s awesome. And if it’s not…hey, it runs less than a minute. Get over there, already.

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