Slayer Sports News: Slayer Reacts To Slayer Being Mentioned On Sports

As a human being attached to a sports blog, it is my contractual duty to report any and all Slayer-related sports news. If you are not interested in Slayer or Slayer sports news, please go to, lift your computer monitor above your head and bring it crashing down onto your face.

ESPN recently continued their decades-old attempt to top that one SportsCenter commercial with Gheorghe Muresan dancing with an effort featuring stuffed-shirt analyst John Clayton as a Slayer-loving burnout who still lives with his mom. It’s great, and it blew up on the Internet, with the original video getting over 2 million views.

Artisan News recently interviewed legendary Slayist (Slayerist?) Kerry King about the clip, and he loved it. Video of him reacting to it and showing it to everyone he knows is after the jump. If you want to have bonus fun with the clip, take a drink every time someone says “Metal Masters”. Pretty sure that’s the most metal way to watch a YouTube video without eating your friend’s brains.

And here’s the original clip again, if you missed it the several times it was shown:

[h/t to Awful Announcing]