This Badass Girl Shot Her Tooth Out Of Her Own Mouth With A Slingbow

07.03.15 3 years ago

If you’re stuck inside and looking at web videos on this “Sorry July 4th landed on a weekend” federal holiday, let me be the first to say: I am so sorry. You know what might brighten your day? Amateur home surgery with sporting equipment!

Caters TV‘s YouTube description says that the girl above is 11-year-old Alexis Davidson, and the Slingbow she uses — an oversized slingshot that can come with attachments to make it look like a hunting bow, if you’re not the outdoorsy type — is her surgical instrument of choice. As her father films (and thank the heavens he used a high-quality camera with slow motion), she lets fly, and pop!

I can’t decide which tooth-removal method I like better: With your own Slingbow, or with your daddy’s javelin. What do you think?

(Via CatersTV)

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