‘Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer’ Episode 3 Is Completely Horrible And The Best Episode Yet

Your least favorite YouTube show in history is BACK~!

Witness episode three of Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer, a show nobody can find a reason for the existence of featuring UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer standing around while things happen around her in slow motion. It’s so infuriating and maddening. Each episode is about 2 minutes long and makes you feel like you’ve been stranded on a desert island for a year.

Episode one had Brittney walking around a skate park and episode two put her in a bikini and made her paint. If you hated those, you’ll LOVE this one. She’s barely even in it. She just asks a question about slam dunking, and then a guy slam dunks in slow motion. Veeeery slow motion. It also features Brittney saying (with a straight face):

“Young Hollywood, what is the key to a great dunk?”

“I’m not sure, Brittney, it might be jumping and doing shit.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t slowing down a dunk this much take away from it? A dunk is this impactful, quick thing that just HAPPENS. The visceral power behind it is what makes it memorable. If you slow it down, it’s just a guy hovering motionless for half a minute before gently rolling a ball into a hoop. It’s … nothing.

Actually, that sounds perfect for Slow & Hot.