‘Slow & Hot With Brittney Palmer’ Keeps Getting Worse, But At Least This Time She’s In A Bikini

By now I’m sure you’re familiar with UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer’s weekly web-series Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer, aka the worst thing to happen to YouTube videos since Taiwan Animation got in on the joke. If you aren’t, here’s the synopsis: FOX Sports tries to make two cool things — Phantom Cam slow motion and UFC ring girls — unbearable and super boring.

Previous episodes have covered hot-button topics like painting, being near a skatepark while people ride skateboards and standing still while somebody dunks as slowly as possible. This week, a guy kicks and throws water balloons in slow motion with a B-story of Brittney sitting on the beach doing nothing.

SERIOUSLY, she’s just sitting still. In slow motion. Has the troll job become obvious? You think the payoff is gonna be Brittney being hit by a water balloon, but nope, it lands in front of her and doesn’t bother her at all. IN SLOW MOTION.

God, I hope next week’s episode is her sleeping in complete darkness in slow motion.

Please share this with your friends. There needs to be a great uprising to either

1. stop these completely, or
2. make them feature length, 90-minute films.