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UPDATE: Now in HD form.

This is Jarret Johnson of Anderson University (South Carolina), who takes advantage of a fast break to humiliate an opposing player from Coker College.  Snap-judgment-type people are already calling it the dunk of the year, because snap-judgment-type people need something to be more important than it really is, even if the college and NBA seasons are only halfway over, and March Madness and the NBA playoffs are still months away.

Luckily for that Coker kid, his name hasn’t hit the internet yet.  Imagine if every time you met a girl who was interested in you, then she went home and Googled you, and the first result was you getting air-walked over as someone threw it down in your face.  I’m not saying you wouldn’t get laid, but that’s a degree of difficulty I certainly don’t need.  It’s already hard enough out there for a sex offender, you know?

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