The Only Man That Can Take Down Hoodie Melo In ‘NBA 2K18’ Is Smiling Kawhi

08.23.17 2 years ago

We’ve delved into the legend of Hoodie Melo before, and while he might be the most dangerous man on any basketball court, 2K Studios seems to think there may be someone just as threatening: Smiling Kawhi Leonard. A smiling Kawhi Leonard brings confusion to not only his opponents but his teammates as one has a better chance to see an eclipse in full totality than they do seeing Kawhi actually smiling in public.

That is, unless he’s in China or hanging out with 2 Chainz. On the court, the stoic Leonard is one of the NBA’s top stars and his 95 overall rating in NBA 2K18 is nothing to scoff at, but like Hoodie Melo, the good folks at 2K couldn’t help but wonder if Kawhi’s smiling alter ego might be even better.

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