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Remember when Jimmy Doolittle (of the raid on Tokyo fame) won the 1932 Thompson Trophy in a Gee Bee R-1 Super Sportster?  If you don't, just trust me.  The point is flying used to be considered a spectator sport, and here's a funny story about flying:

It was no movie moment when a physician, flying himself across Mississippi in a one-seat plane, discovered a stowaway — a gray rat snake. Dr. Ed Carruth discovered the snake-on-a-plane when it began "licking" his arm Thursday, he told The Daily Leader of Brookhaven. "I've been flying planes for 50 years and over 14,000 hours, and this is the most unusual in-flight emergency I've encountered," he said. "I guess it wasn't exactly an emergency, but I did almost hurt myself when I saw it."

Officials later determined that the "gray rat snake" was indeed Dr. Carruth's penis.  Thank you, I'll be here all weekend.  Seriously though, this just goes to show that Samuel Jackson and the word "motherfucker" make anything more entertaining.  This story also gives me an excuse to share several sequel ideas for Snakes On A Plane offered by – my favorite is "Whitesnake On A Plane". -KD

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