If This Snap Interception Ends Up In A Cell Phone Commercial, I Swear To God

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.01.12 8 Comments

What you’re about to watch happened (allegedly) during a football game between two Kansas high schools — Dodge City and Garden City. Garden City center Mitch Morris went for a close snap instead of a shotgun snap and lobbed the ball high into the air, allowing Dodge City wide receiver and defensive back Immanuel Galloway to skirt the line, catch it on the way down and run it across an open field for an easy touchdown. It’s amazingly rare and hilarious, and should be seen.

The reason I say “allegedly” is because of a horrible lesson I learned last week when a clip of an unidentified high school player front flipping over his defender “went viral” and was actually an undercover AT&T commercial. The way new media works, I’m afraid to post ANYTHING. If Yao Ming goes golfing and his swing looks bad, there’s a 40% chance he’s doing it for Verizon. It’s terrible. So please watch and enjoy the clip, but keep in mind that a cell phone company or wireless carrier could’ve funded two phony “Kansas” high schools (how are we supposed to fact check that?), orchestrated an entire football game and relied on the best clips to get it spread around by jerks like me.

Also, stick to the stuff immediately after the 2:13 mark, because the rest of the video is full of the worst music. The worst licensed music.

[h/t to Prep Rally]

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