So… Does Anyone Miss The NBA Yet?

11.03.11 7 years ago 8 Comments


Instead of attending what should have been the Orlando Magic’s season opener last night, I laid on the couch and caught up on my DVR and then watched the new “South Park” (I thought it was pretty bad until Polly Prissypants pooped herself, which totally saved it). What I didn’t do was spend $9 on Coors Light from the tap and I didn’t stand in line for 20 minutes to use the bathroom while a bunch of jerkoffs cut the line by walking in through the exit door. I stayed at home, saved some cash and really didn’t think much about the NBA at all last night, and I imagine that’s pretty much par for the average NBA fan.

The NBA is currently no closer to playing a game than it was last week or on July 1 when the owners locked the players out. The players union is standing firm in its demand of 52% of the Basketball Related Income, despite anonymous source reports laden with “The Wire” analogies that claim Derek Fisher is pushing to meet the owners’ demands of 50/50 because he is corrupt. More than 4 months later, here we are – allowing an arrogant columnist to make himself the top story.

At least Steve Nash gets it. It’s not about the owners and the players anymore. Their time to be the victims has expired. It’s about the fans now, and our time to be furious has officially begun.

“You have two wealthy sides arguing over percentage points,” Nash said. “It’s hard for fans to understand that this is a business. I don’t blame them. If I were in their shoes, I’d be critical, frustrated or even angry. You just want to see the game you love. Both sides are arguing for inevitably selfish reasons, but also for what’s right when they are gone. It’s a big mess.”

(Via the Tucson Citizen)

Don’t worry about it, Steve. You guys take your time. The NFL season has been great so far and I’ve been watching more and more hockey lately. Even bought me a new St. Louis Blues shirt. I put it on the hanger that my Dwight Howard jersey was on.

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