So Is Everyone In Sports Doing The Ironic Sweater Thing This Year Or What

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.23.11 2 Comments

If I’d been smart, I would’ve saved the awkward Arsenal Wishes You A Merry Christmas video and paired it up with this clip of the Chicago Blackhawks making goodhearted, ironic fools of themselves for a holiday-themed white folks in Christmas sweaters Friday Face-Off. Come to think of it, I could’ve done that with the Andy Roddick rapping The Humpty Dance in a Christmas sweater video too. We really think sweaters are awesome, don’t we?

Regardless, the Blackhawks win. As Sportress Of Blogitude points out, “You might think there’s no such thing as — John Scott” is the best imaginable Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer NHL parody song line, plus you’ve got kids throwing around wrapping paper in slow motion. They would’ve beaten anybody I put them against, except maybe that baby polar bear.

I’d ask the Caps to do something similar, but I know it’d be disappointing.

[h/t to Puck Daddy]

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