So These Are The New 76ers Mascot Choices?

12.06.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that the former Philadelphia 76ers mascot, Hip Hop, was the most hated mascot in NBA history. Created in the 90s as a hip, edgy alternative to match the aggressive style of the NBA, Hip Hop was a complete misfire from Day 1. Sort of resembling Donnie Darko’s Frank if he’d been played by Channing Tatum, Hip Hop was finally ousted by the team last season after fans complained incessantly. Not about the team’s struggles, but the mascot. Outstanding.
So now the team has released three possible replacements for Hip Hop, and from the image above, you can see that they are perfect. That is, if they were picking mascots to also be replaced in a few years. Regardless, the team is now allowing fans to choose between “Big Ben”, “B. Franklin Dogg” and “Phil E. Moose.”

“A new era is beginning for the Philadelphia 76ers under new ownership and we welcome Philadelphia sports fans helping us to select the new Sixers mascot,” Sixers CEO Adam Aron said. “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop has done an outstanding job in giving Philadelphia fans three heart-warming characters to embrace.
“It’s un-American not to like B. Franklin Dogg, who after all is man’s best friend. With his great height, Phil E. Moose is a natural who can stand tall defending and cheering the Sixers as they take on all comers. And then there is lovable, venerable Big Ben, perhaps the greatest Philadelphian of all time.”
(Via NBC Philadelphia)

Help the Sixers fan pick their poison after the jump.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick an old man with long hair wearing gym shorts. That’s precisely the kind of guy they need hugging children.
Is it getting warmer in here?
He’s still missing his ankle monitoring bracelet.
“Franklin B. Dogg” is an actual idea to replace the annoying rabbit named Hip Hop. This lockout changed nothing.
Help us take a bite out of terrible mascots.
Just give Poochy back his sunglasses already.
At first I thought this was a reindeer, which made sense because December is the last month in which the 76ers are still relevant.
Why do these mascots all look like they’re wearing bathrobes and living at the Bachelor Arms? (That’s right, two Simpsons references today.)
I guess this is the best of the three, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s rapping with Willow Smith.

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