So, Uh, Kate Upton With Baby Animals (And Babies) Is Pretty Weird

Justin Verlander’s Sports Illustrated covergirl and technically-sports-related girlfriend Kate Upton has been pretty light on the photoshoots since bikini season ended, but her latest from CR Fashion Book magazine (entitled “Hush Lil Baby, Don’t You Cry”) has hit the web, and it’s … pretty weird.
The easiest way to describe it is that it’s Kate Upton with baby animals. And babies. And guys in bear costumes. I think she’s supposed to be Mother Nature? It’s like somebody took her Peter Cottontail video and decided to make it SUPER SERIOUS. I don’t even know.
Anyway, you can check out the pictures after the jump. I’ve also included a video from the shoot at the end of the gallery (thanks to the Internet’s closest-working Kate Upton representative, Mr. Jimmy Traina of SI’s Hot Clicks), and if you were hoping it’d establish some kind of narrative … yeah, no.

Duck, duck, duck, duck … goose?

I am 99% sure that baby is Patton Oswalt.

Okay, is there anyone who looked at this picture and didn’t immediately think of this?

More like Au Hasard Balth-so-hard, am I right

I think I’m wrong, these are just stills from that Alice In Wonderland porno from the 70s.

The only way this story ends.