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Reader/Eagle Scout Joe sent in this photo from Saturday's game between Georgia and South Carolina.  The online source of the photo is here, but it merely states that the SEC game official was arrested "for unknown reasons."  I've done some snooping around with the help of my private investigator friend (Mo Firefox), but I've yet to see any news on this.  Which is kinda weird to me.  I would think a referee getting arrested in the middle of an SEC football game would make the news wires.

MIDDLE OF WRITING THE POST UPDATE: Whoa, that was weird.  I was about to specifically and publicly ask EDSBS what the deal was, and then BAM! Orson Swindle comes through with this post:

The image… has gone viral on message boards, mostly because it seems to confirm what every one thinks about the SEC anyway, but it’s not what it seems. According to our source (yea! a veritable source!) the man is most likely one of the chain gang, an irony in itself, and not an SEC official. The chain gangs are hired by the schools hosting the games, so this is not–we repeat–NOT an SEC official being carted away immediately following a game.

That's certainly a start, but there are still some unanswered questions, like why did he get arrested?  And what's the deal with styrofoam?  So, I'm still going to plug this DSL wire into my conch horn and sound the clarion: if you know what's going on here, lemme know via the email on the contact page.

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