A Brawl Broke Out At A Soccer Game After A Ball Was Kicked At Someone’s Head

By now, we have established that fighting people is not a good thing for so many different reasons. Apparently, members of the United States and Bahrain’s U-19 soccer teams did not get this memo, because a fight broke out during a match between the two after someone kicked a soccer ball directly at someone else’s head.

The two sides played on Monday. One U.S. player, Pierre Da Silva, got on the ball and started to head up the pitch before he ran into a defender. He tried to use a Marseille turn to get by said defender, who didn’t appreciate getting clowned like this, so he stuck his foot out and tripped Da Silva. It’s nothing wild, and if everything ended there, there probably would have been a yellow card and the match would have continued.

Instead, as Da Silva hit the ground, another player from Bahrain thought it would be a good idea to kick the ball really hard at the American player’s head. While Da Silva looked like he went limp (he got up a second later), all hell broke loose, and the two sides got into a massive brawl that spilled onto the field and included the benches clearing.

Bahrain ended up winning the match, 3-1, which is unfortunate. But the dude from Bahrain who kicked the ball at Da Silva’s head looked like he got trucked during the brawl, so who were the real winners?