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A geology professor and high school soccer coach in Nebraska was arrested for years of alleged freaky teenage boy imprisonment and gay fantasy masturbation.  Check out the next film by Todd Solondz:

57-year-old Sanford Kaplan was arrested Wednesday afternoon following complaints that numerous young boys were bound, blindfolded, gagged and suspended from the rafters of Kaplan's garage… Court affidavits show testimony from teens who says he used duct tape and rope.  When they were blindfolded, they also say they heard him masturbating. Sheriff Wagner says the investigation currently involves boys as young as 13, who claim they were held prisoner and abused at Kaplan's home beginning in 2000. He was booked into jail for sexual assault of a child; false imprisonment and child abuse.

I get turned on by car crashes and make a living off of joking about murdering prostitutes, so I hope it means something when I say, "Dude, that's fucked up."

UPDATE: Ummm… so Ape wrote about this yesterday.  But he didn't link to the news story, so this is somehow different.

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