A Soccer Goalie Got His Face Removed By An Opposing Player’s Cleats

The description at Bob’s Blitz reads, “David Zibung, goalkeeper for Swiss Super League soccer club FC Luzern, has his face mashed by Grasshopper Club Zürich winger Izet Hajrovic.”

I’m not going to pretend I understand a word of that. Well, I understand “goalkeeper” and “super” and “face.” So I’ll rephrase it to you, the similarly uneducated in the ways of soccer, as “it is super gross when this goalkeeper gets stomped in the face.” Here’s some solid advice: if you are on a field with a bunch of guys wearing spikes on the bottom of their shoes, squared-off nubs they may be, try not to let those spikes get onto/into your face.

This is what happens (warning – it’s pretty bloody):

Engh. Here’s the clip of it happening:

There are a lot of reasons to be wary of soccer — Nazis, explosions, unwanted anal probes and referees being drawn and quartered among them — so maybe a sharp stomp to the face isn’t so bad. Either way, here comes the Reasons To Hate Soccer tag.