What A Great Soccer Game We’re Having I’ll Just Pick Up This OH MY GOD GRENADE

So, uh, this happened.

During a local club match in Isfahan, Iran some spectators threw a hand grenade on field, a player found it and thought it was some other object and threw it on sidelines just in time, if he had done this a few seconds later his hand would have been blasted.The game was called off and police have started investigating this case.

In case you somehow did not fixate on that blockquote for 20 minutes, SOMEBODY THREW A GRENADE ON THE FIELD DURING A SOCCER GAME. And sure, maybe I’m just a sheltered American guy who doesn’t know the hardships of the world or whatever and stuff like this happens every day, but stuff like this doesn’t happen every day because holy shit a dude threw a grenade onto the field during a soccer game.

Video of a guy seriously throwing a goddamn grenade onto the field during a soccer game is after the jump.

Excuse me for a moment while I NEVER GO NEAR A SOCCER BALL AGAIN.

[h/t to Sportsgrid]