A Soccer Player Is Being Charged With ‘Attempted Manslaughter’ After Brutally Kicking An Opponent In The Face

12.22.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

This horrifying soccer clip comes to you from an amateur Turkish soccer match and shows one player, Mehmet Degirmenci, flipping out and delivering an absolutely brutal kick to the face of an opponent. The assailant appeared to be ticked off by a (deserved) red card after he kicked out the legs of the victim, Kayhan Karakas, following a hard foul.

After seeing that he was being sent off following the cheap shot, he decided to double down and unleash a violent boot to the face of Karakas, who he sent to the ground just a few seconds earlier. It appeared that, if he was being sent off regardless, Degirmenci wanted to make sure he was getting his proverbial money’s worth. That happened to be a poor decision on his part.

Not only was it an extremely cheap and disgusting display, it was also a very dangerous one that could have had a much darker conclusion. Despite the vicious assault, Karakas was allowed to return to the game shortly after the incident, for some reason. And, hey, wouldn’t you know it — that proved to be a very egregious decision. He later collapsed during play and had to wait for an ambulance to arrive before he could be taken to a nearby hospital.

As for Degirmenci, he (sort of) attempted to apologize after the game, saying, “it was a heat of the moment thing” brought on by the foul and Karakas insulting his mother. Regardless, Degirmenci was kicked off his team, but that may be the least of his worries at the moment, as Karakas has pressed charges for attempted manslaughter. He probably should have just taken that red card and called it a day, huh?

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