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Chase Hilgenbrinck, a defender for the New England Revolution, has given up his rich $36,000/year contract to instead study for the priesthood.  The 26-year-old from Illinois will study, like, the Bible and holy… stuff at Mount St. Mary's in Maryland.  He then plans to move back to central Illinois to spread God's word or whatever.

Hilgenbrinck says he is not disillusioned with the game, but waiting for his career to run its time was no longer an option. "Trust me," he told The AP, "I thought of that. I still have a great passion for the game, I wouldn't leave for just any other job, I'm moving on for the Lord." […]

"At one time," he said, "I thought the call might be professional soccer. I found my soul is hungry for something else."

I'm guessing "something else" in this case is a feeling of closeness to God, spiritual satisfaction, improving the lives of his congregation through Christ's word, and little boys.  Lots and lots of little boys.

(thanks to Julie for the link to this actually-quite-heartwarming story) 

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