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I actually yawned when I typed that headline. Anyway, this is the modified right leg of Oupa Ngubule, he of Carara Kicks fame, after he and another player chased down a loose ball in South African Futbol League play. That player, the remorseful Felix Muamba-Musasa, was ejected for the play and apologized for the injury on his team’s website:

“Firstly, let me pass my unreserved apologies to the management of Carara Kicks as well as the family and friends of Oupa. As a sportsman, I have never broken or intended to harm my fellow colleagues in any way in my life. It was never my intention to go out and break his leg – it all happened when we both were going on a 50-50 challenge. People should understand that soccer is a contact sport. At the end of the day such accidents happen in the field of play.”

“Oupa, keep well, be strong and God Bless you my brother. I am still trying to come to terms with the incident and I will personally call you.”

This is one of the better broken legs as sports injuries go; it immediately reminded me of Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro (pictured below). You just watch it and you’re all, “Hey, that leg shouldn’t be bending that way.” But then the guy gets to lay down for a little bit, and get visits from the whole team. And maybe some ice cream. That sounds totally worth it to me.

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