03.07.07 11 years ago 7 Comments

Here's video of the Valencia-Inter Milan Champions League brawl, if you take "brawl" to mean "hugging people's necks and running away from people trying to trip you."

For the love of God, stop trying to trip him and TACKLE HIS ASS. My contempt for Europe is at an all-time high after this video. Spanish and Italian women just got less attractive for sleeping with these douchebags. I may have to tour the Mediterranean this summer and just kick dudes' asses all day and impregnate women by night just to toughen up the gene pool over there.

(As The Offside notes, the cowardly bitch running away is David Navarro — not the guitar-playing, eye makeup-wearing midget who married Carmen Electra — and somehow he actually broke midfielder Nicolas Burdisso's nose with that limp wrist of his. Man, there's no way these warriors get paid enough.)

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