Soccer WAGs and Gambling? There Is A God, and He Probably Hates You

06.15.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

She's the front runner. I wonder why...

There’s never really a bad time to post a picture of a scantily clad beautiful woman, but this time, it’s actually relevant. The gambling site Paddy Power has joined forces with the newspaper The Irish Mirror to combine man’s most heated passions: sports, beautiful women, and nonsensical competition, into the greatest idea of all time. Betting on the wives and girlfriends of World Cup players. The front runner? Ms. Irina Shayk, the above-pictured girlfriend of Christiano Ronaldo.

The betting house Paddy Power has teamed with the Irish Mirror to allow wagering on the wives and girlfriends of World Cup players.

Irina Shayk, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo is the 9-4 favorite to be voted overall sexiest while Abbey Clancy, girlfriend of Peter Crouch, is 5-2 and the favorite for best legs. –USAToday

The categories up for wager include: best legs, grumpiest WAG, sexiest WAG, best smile, and most stylish. I can think of about a hundered things I’d rather gamble on than “most stylish,” and I’d list them if I still wasn’t confused about seeing that Abbey Clancy is linked to Peter Crouch. Peter Crouch is the Greg Ostertag Luc Longley of the EPL, and should certainly not be with the heaven-sent mirage that is Abbey Clancy. “But Ryan,” you say. “Isn’t someone’s inner beauty more important than their physical attractiveness?” Not if you look like Abbey Clancy. She could drown a litter of puppies right in front of me, and all I’d be able to focus on was having sex with her. More WAGs after the jump because, hey, you deserve it.

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