This Softball Player Just Gave Us One Of The Coolest Trick Shots You’ll See

In this day and age of internet trick shots of all kinds taking over the internet, one sport that I figured was basically immune to trick-shot videos was softball.

I was incorrect.

The softball player in the above video not only pulls off two flawless bat tricks on grass to get into a swinging position, but then manages to perfectly kick the ball off the tee and onto her foot, where she then propels up to perfect strawberry position before smashing it with a perfect swing. But the kicker is how nonchalantly she executes the entire sequence of moves.

I’ve watched it several times, and I’m still not entirely sure how she managed to bounce the bat so smoothly like that behind her back. Even if this took 100 tries to pull off, the fact that she managed to do all of those things in succession without messing up is highly impressive. If this leads to a whole new softball trick shot revolution, I’m all for it. Although, I won’t be the one leading it; chances are, if I tried to top this Vine, it’d lead to a little bit of embarrassment, a torn ACL, or worse.

(Vine via MHD Videos)

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