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Lauren Palmer, a former substitute teacher and high school softball coach in Boise, reached a plea agreement with prosecutors that reduced the charge of sexual battery after she was found doing some inappropriate touching with a teenager.

During her arraignment today Palmer plead guilty to a lesser charge of sexual contact with a minor.

In April, the Ada County Sheriff's Office charged Palmer with a felony after a deputy caught her in a car with a 16-year-old girl.

Whoa, a girl?  Somebody needs to tell me if this is sexy or not.  Because I know teenage lesbianism is cool.  And female teachers teaching teenage boys the ropes is cool.  But intergenerational chicks getting it on just isn't working for me.

Maybe I just wasn't ready for the shock.  I mean, who expects a girl's softball coach to be a lesbian?

Pictured: Arizona softball player Caitlin Lowe, though I understand her teammate Taryne Mowatt is a bit more popular. 

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