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The great thing about Europe is that you can have a face that looks like a foot and it doesn’t hurt to chances at bagging attractive women. That’s probably why Sarah Jessica Parker got divorced. But anyway, this is Kim Clijsters, the Belgian tennis star with whom American Brian Lynch managed to close the deal. And you can see, Clijsters is really holding up the looks of this outfit. I look at that child and wonder if she was aware of her impending fate as that picture was taken.

Anyway, the men’s final was finally settled last night after being postponed by rain, and the vain in Spain surely appreciated their countryman Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro, who upset Roger Federer in a five-set thriller. Well, it wasn’t really a thriller. It was tennis, after all. Anyway, Federer threw a bit of a tantrum during a changeover, and you can watch that bizarre lapse in decorum after the jump. So Federer’s losing was probably the bigger story, but the aesthetically challenged family photo gets the banner image. That’s just how we roll around here.

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