Some Lady Let John Daly Hit A Golf Ball Out Of Her Mouth

Remember when some random desperate-to-be-famous lady was like, “sure, stick a golf tee in my butt and try to hit a ball off of it?” Remember how she ended up with a lawsuit and a badly bruised ass? This lady thought it’d be a good idea to recreate the stunt with her face. And who’s swinging the club? A guy who hangs out and sells merch in Hooters parking lots.

Yup, here’s John Daly fwacking a golf ball out of the mouth of Kath Michelle, an aspiring something who mostly just tweets pictures at Maxim all day. Not pictured: the second attempt, where he crushes the side of her head and then takes her out for a bucket of wings as an apology.

Kath’s response to the question, “why did you let this happen” …

trust him with my life & his woman is my BFF. You can’t find better people-

Here’s the confirmation of that, via Twitter:

… I don’t know whether to be envious of John Daly or treat him like one of those trash heaps from Fraggle Rock.