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Aussie tennis player Lleyton Hewitt (not pictured) made some kind of comment at Wimbledon the other day that kinda sounds sexist but really isn’t, saying that women tennis players couldn’t play in a best-of-five-sets format. But I guess he’s totally cool with them getting jobs on their own and voting in national elections? Pig. From Reuters, via FanNation:

“I don’t think a lot of them would last five sets,” said the Australian after setting up a second-round date with fifth-seeded Argentine Juan Martin del Potro.

“The training you have to do to last five sets, especially seven best of five-set matches, it’s a lot more than three-set matches. There would obviously be question marks (over whether) a lot of them could last that much.”

Wimbledon evened the prize pools for men and women in 2007, but the women still only play best-of-three sets. So yeah, a notable portion of the current group probably would not survive in that environment. Although longer matches is would probably be little of an improvement when the sport’s stars are all either getting injured or retiring. But, let’s be honest, there are a few bigger girls on the ladies’ tour. I’d post pictures of them here for you to see for yourself, but we’re a family website. A family of masturbators.

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