Some WNBA Players Are Coming Out…

04.06.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

…side to play a basketball game in the elements! I button-hooked ya there, didn’t I? Here you thought this post was going to be about unsexy rampant lesbianism among the ranks of the WNBA. Now who looks like a dummy? Yeah, me. Me does look like dummy.

Anyhoo, get your tickets now (this guy already did), because on June 5th, the Los Angeles Sparks will host the Seattle Storm in an outdoor basketball game at the Home Depot Center. This will be the first outdoor game for the Sparks and Storm, but the second time a WNBA game was played outside – the New York Liberty and Indiana Fever participated in the Liberty Outdoor Classic last summer (pictured above). Before you begin to snicker about last summer’s first WNBA outdoor game, you should know that Menudo played a free concert after the game, too. Sweet.

Both organizations are pumped up (but not in an over-masculine way) about the opportunity to showcase their dribbling and layup skills in the fresh air in front of hundreds of spectators.

“Playing outside, beneath the stars will ensure an unforgettable evening for our players and fans,” said Sparks President Kristin Bernert. “But the game also provides a terrific opportunity for our athletes to inspire kids of all ages to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.” -The Fabulous Forum.

Dubbed “The Sunset Showdown,” the event is sure to be a treat to WNBA fans and confused onlookers alike. But to be honest, I find the moniker for the game a bit of a letdown. The Sunset Showdown? Please. How about bringing some Don King-sian panache to it? I don’t know, how about “The Thrilla With The Ladyzillas”? Hey, give me a break – that one was off the cuff.

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