Somebody’s Gonna Kick Somebody Else’s Ass Over Men’s Slow Pitch Softball

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09.16.13 2 Comments

slow pitch softball brawl

Want to see a bunch of fat old caucasian bellies flopping around in the Florida dirt? Look no further than this EPIC MEN’S SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL BRAWL, to my knowledge the first time “epic” and “men’s slow pitch softball” have been used in the same sentence.

A disputed call at the USSSA B World Tournament leads to shoving, which leads to the benches clearing, which leads to suffering. And by suffering I mean, “lots of guys lying on the ground holding each other until somebody pulls them apart.” The crowd jeering at them while they fight is the cherry on the sundae. “SHYATT UP!!”

Imagine how slow pitch softball could POSSIBLY lead to gang violence, then watch the video below.

I love that the aftermath of a deadly team brawl is just everybody walking around and waving. Unless today features the headline GIRL SCOUT PING PONG RIOT INJURES NINE, this is the most unnecessary sports violence you’ll see today.

[BWO Reddit]

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