Someone Drew A Giant Penis In The Snow On The Field At Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium

Oh college kids, you never cease to amaze us with your hilarious antics. With snow hitting the ground for this crazy season they call winter, someone at the University of Cincinnati, be it students or townies, decided to take up a little art project yesterday, when they drew a huge penis in the snow on the field at Nippert Stadium. According to the interwebs, this isn’t the first time that a penis has been drawn on Nippert, but I have to assume that this is probably the most impressive.

As a bit of a former college prankster myself, I would have guessed the obvious snow drawing for Nippert would be massive boobs, but I have to tip my cap to these guys for dick-drawing outside the box. While the female Cinci student who originally Tweeted the image deleted it and feels awful about it now, this is the Internet, and blah blah blah nothing is ever deleted. In fact, I even found a few other angles.

First, here’s a testicular angle of the giant dong, as it shows you how much effort these guys put into it and how much big, veiny, throbbing field they covered…

And now here’s a POV angle for you money shot enthusiasts…

Final Penis Field Art Grade: A+, bros