Someone Made A Hey Girl Jeremy Lin Tumblr

Senior Writer
02.23.12 3 Comments

When it comes to the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme, I consider myself a bit of an expert. While I didn’t exactly create it, I was responsible for a Twitter account that Gosling himself had shut down because he said I “burgled” his name. And I mean, good lord, even when he’s being a dick, he’s just so damn adorable about it. But his meme has endured because he’s a good actor and it’s so incredibly fitting, especially when he sits down with reporters and actually reads some of the “Hey Girl” lines.

That’s why I was a little disappointed when I stumbled across a post on Buzzfeed about the new Tumblr account, “Hey Girl, it’s Jeremy Lin”, of which the tagline states: “Because Ryan Gosling Can’t Jump.” Look, I get it. Lin is hot right now, so let’s give him a meme. But let’s not burgle the Gosling meme when it doesn’t even relate to Lin. He’s a good guy, by all accounts, and he’s been a sensational addition to the New York Knicks, but he’s not a stone cold dreamboat like Baby Goose.

As someone who often tries too hard to make memes happen, we can do better than this. But I don’t like crapping too much on someone else’s effort, so I’ll let you guys be the judges, juries and executioners.

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